Different Types Of Hip Surgeries Operated By A Hip Surgeon

Human body works by the combined effort of various body systems like skeleton system, nervous system, cardiovascular system and many other such systems. Each and every system of body is equally important to carry out the functions of body. People often tend to ignore about their physical fitness or health related issues but when one feels sudden or continuous pain which he is unable to bear then he has to go to the doctor. Most of the time, bone and joint related issues must be treated immediately because the amount of pain that they cause is unbearable. In this article, we will be discussing about hip surgeons and different types of surgeries that are operated by a hip surgeon Sydney.

Hip surgery:

There are various types of hip related disorders or diseases which need to be treated by a surgery.  In hip surgery or knee replacement surgery Sydney, the infected or affected portion is removed and is then replaced with an artificial prosthetics. There is complete hip replacement surgery as well as semi hip replacement surgery. The kind of surgery that is carried out totally depends upon the condition of a patient and his hip bone.

There are different types of hip surgeries that are recommendable for different kinds of hip disorders. There is arthroscopy hip surgery which is carried out when the soft tissues of hip joints gets ruptured which is fixed by the help special tiny instruments. Then there is complete hip replacement surgery. In this kind of surgery the worn out portion of a hip joint is completely removed by cutting it out and is then replaced with the prosthetics. Besides the above mentioned hip surgeries, there are many other kinds of hip surgeries as well which are treated according to the hip disorder.

Hip surgeon:

Hip surgeon is the doctor who has specialized in the field of orthopedics. Orthopedics is the field of medicine which deals with the every kind of disorder that is related with human body’s bones or joints. The doctors who have specialized in the field of orthopedic are known as hip surgeon, knee joint surgeon or orthopedic surgeon. Hip surgeons first examine the disorder of a patient and if it is not that serious then they prescribe some medicine but when they see that the condition demands to be operated then they perform the surgery required.


Hip surgeon is the doctor who has specialized in the field of orthopedics. Orthopedics is the field of medicine which deals with the bones or joints of human body, in short the whole skeleton system. Hip surgeon is also known as orthopedic surgeon. He not only does the surgery or operation but also treats the patient before surgery and after surgery as well. There are different types of hip surgeries which are carried out according to the disorder and condition of patient. “Dr. Louis Shidiak’ is one of the best hip surgeons all across the Sydney.