Disadvantages Of Wood Parquetting In Your Home Or Office

Everyone loves a good wood parquetting in their home or office. The look and the feel of it is enough for the most part. However, just like with everything else, there are many cons as much as there are pros for wood parquetting. Here are some of the main disadvantages of wood parquetting that you should know about before you make that final call.

The price can be high

The pricing for a heartridge flooring vintage can be really high sometimes. In fact it is among the top five main disadvantages for this type. The price is often so high because of the quality of the material that is used as well the level of skill that is required to ensure that the installation is done right. This is one of the main reasons why many people do not use this option in the whole house and instead stick to using it in certain areas only like the bedrooms.

Strict, cold and hard

Often wood parquetting is associated with class and colour and therefore, it can be hard to even relate them with being cold, hard and strict. But they definitely have these negative qualities in them as opposed to say, a carpet. They do not have the capacity to absorb any light or heat. But, that said, options like the quick step variano are really great looking and that carries enough appeal to the customer. They also have great acoustics but that also means that there will be sound always, if you have pets for example. If there are children playing around or maybe somebody wearing heels, the sounds will be amplified. However, this particular issue can be taken care of by the usage of rugs in the house.

There can be seams and open edges

Hardwood parquetting can be brought and installed in their original form and there is no sealing that will be done on and around the edges. This means that there is the possibility that open gaps between the planking will be able to retain dirt and grime and therefore will need a lot of leaning up. One more issue here is that water and moisture can get through easily and they can definitely cause mold or even rot from the inside.

Scratching can become an issue

This differs greatly on each type of wood that has been used. Some of them however, can easily get damaged and scratched with the use of high heels and animal claws. In order for the prevention of this to happen successfully, you will need to use a surface application such as a shellac.