Privacy Is Important To Every Individual

Every individual is born with different habits and has their likes and dislikes. Some people so reserve that they do not want to interact with people and they keep everything to themselves, they do not want any people to see them, talk to them or interfere in their matters. Such kind of people are so fond of privacy and they want to do everything privately while some people are different and they do everything openly showing off to everyone and they like mixing up with people and engaging with them, both kinds of people can be distinguished by the term introvert and extrovert. Introverts are anti-social who do not like going out and making friends while extroverts are social, and they love hanging out and making friends but at some point, extroverts also need privacy because some things cannot be done in front of everyone and they also need some time free from the world. This is why privacy is important to every individual whether they are introverts or extroverts. Every individual needs some time in which they can be themselves and do whatever they want without having anyone seeing them. 

Most of the time people hide their talents from the world and they utilize that talent in their room when no one is there watching them such as singing and dancing. People are mostly shy about singing in front of the world even while having a great voice but because of the lack of confidence, they do not sing in public but their rooms. Same with the dancing, some people love dancing so much that they clean their room while playing a music and dancing but in front of the world, they are too shy to do so but have you ever imagined that even being in your room all alone still have someone watching you, this sounds scary but there is nothing scary about it, your neighbours can see you through your windows. Imagine you dancing in your room thinking of having complete privacy but you find out someone watching you through your window, this is where your privacy is completely ruined. This is the reason it is important to install privacy screens on your windows which do not allow outsiders to see inside the house which helps in maintaining your privacy and then you can do whatever you want without the fear of anyone seeing you.

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