Two Most Important Do It Yourself Concrete Mix Recipes

If you are concerned about doing certain repairs by yourself then there are certain things that you need to know how to do yourself. And the skill of mixing concrete is one of the most basic skills every enthusiast should know. It is one of the most common and inexpensive construction materials on the planet being compromised most of cement, gravel and sand. Mixing concrete is an art that is similar to baking and in order to achieve consistent results it is best to follow a specific result. There are several different concrete mixes for different applications depending on strength, application and workability for the concrete. It is pretty much science for professionals but to the average backyard enthusiast learning the basics of concrete is enough to get you started. This article will show you an important recipe of concrete mix which you can make yourself at home for your everyday construction needs.

When you are looking to mix concrete, you will need go ahead with mixing aggerates such as gravel and sand along with cement powder and water to work as a catalyst to being the chemical process of mixing the ingredients together to bond the chemicals. Concreters is a function of proportions where you will measure the volume of cement used to the volume of aggregate used. The most commonly used mixed around the world is 3-2-1 which uses three-part gravel, One part cement and two parts of sand. Water is added to the mix with the idea kept in mind that you should as a little as possible to make it work for the purpose you will be using It for.

The viscosity of concrete is measure by slump which refers to a specific where the amount that a cone filled with concrete will lose its shape once it’s removed. A concrete with zero slump would be very rigid and inclined to hold shape. Whereas a concrete with one of few more inches would be quite wet and not inclined to hold a shape. And when it is achieved it gets easier to focus on making them polished concrete.

The best overall mixture for a do it yourself mixture for anyone enthusiast to remember it to use the simple ratio of 3:1 mortar mixture. By using three parts sand and one part mortar you can create the strongest possible and one which is easy to design and detail with stamps or template. By avoiding gravel the mortar will have an overall smooth consistency. But will ultimately occupy a lesser volume than concrete which is created using sand in the mixture.