The Truth About Midlife Crisis

The human body is constantly aging. Every second of every minute of our lives, we are undergoing this process called aging. And when most people talk about aging the only thing they get worried about is the fine lines and the wrinkles that is going to start appearing on their skin and aces, they get worried about the grey hair that is going to start appearing. But what they don’t stop to think about is that effect of this so called process of aging on their brains. Or on their mental health to put it in other words. Because aging definitely does have its effect on the brain and as a result the wellness of our mental health. clinical psychologist gold coast

So why is it that people don’t consider all the changes that their brain must be going through as well in terms of aging and try and do something about it. Well it’s because most people are left unaware about the facts. If you ask someone about a midlife crisis then yes, they are definitely going to know what that is all about. Well if you ask any clinical psychologist they will tell you that this process of aging of the brain and what the common man calls a midlife crisis is one and the same thing. It’s the point where the brain has gotten little tired and starts becoming whiny because it’s growing old. Just like the other parts in our body, it getting tiny aches and pains whenever it has to function, and as a result people prefer to let it rest and not use it for some time. This is putting the situation up in such a way that you will understand it. And when you put your brain to rest what happens?

Well the rest of the story you probably know because you have already gone through it in your life. When you put your brain to rest you end up being irrational about most things in life. You can work things out in a practical manner, you are constantly disappointed I your efforts and you become ungrateful about everything that life has given you. This is one of the most common reasons why so many marriages end up in Gold Coast relationship counselling. Because most times either one or both of the partners are having midlife crisis and can’t cope with each other. If only they would have thought to work through it together they could have save themselves form all the heart ache.

This is why we should always try and apply all that has happened to us in life as a lesson learn and try not to repeat the same mistakes all over again. Reflecting on your actions at the end of each day will help you in doing this.